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Mexican potato chipsimport shenzhen customs clearance

First, the declaration of information required:
1, the contract (that has the sale of trade relations)
2, invoices (customs in accordance with the invoice amount and sea freight tax)
3, the single (the consignee or customs acceptance of the goods details)
4, the waybill (real right of the certificate)
5, Acting declaration, declaration power of attorney, license and other customs documents required
6, certificate, health permit, business license, wine category (to fill proof)
7,first time imports: do the Chinese label pre-trial, domestic and foreign consignees for the record
Mexican potato chipsimport shenzhen customs clearance
Second, the declaration process:
Goods to take the waybill → single → single → check the document → send data to the customs → a single → order → delivery → single release or inspection → delivery
Goods to the port:
1, the Chinese label audit (The goods can be run first)
2, for a single mention into the bonded area
3, commodity inspection sample 5 working days
4, the results of a single declaration, this time can be labeled at the same time labeling
5, pay 1-2 working days
6, commodity inspection checks, check whether the labeling, the number of changes
7, consignor and consignor need to have the right to operate import and export, no import and export rights of the consignor, I can use the first import goods (customs qualification)
Mexican potato chipsimport shenzhen customs clearance
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Mexican potato chipsimport shenzhen customs clearance