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China's latest customs clearance policy, zero tariff reduction and exemption

  The China-Georgia Free Trade Agreement started negotiations in December 2015 and was officially signed in May 2017. It was the first free trade agreement initiated by China and related countries after the launch of the “Belt and Road Initiative”. It is also China and Eurasia. The first free trade agreement negotiated by the regional countries. The agreement entered into force on January 1, 2018.

  "zero tariff"

  After the implementation of the agreement, China and Georgia will cut tariffs according to the tariff reduction list. From the overall level, the vast majority of the original goods of China and Georgia will achieve zero tariffs.

  The General Administration of Customs is required to apply the "Asia-Pacific Trade Agreement Second Amendment" agreement rate on imported goods originating in Bangladesh, India, Laos, South Korea and Sri Lanka starting from July 1. The new agreement tax rate is lower than the MFN tariff rate. For example, in the case of agricultural products, soybeans have fallen from 3% to zero. Live squid fell from 10% to 6.7%, and octopus dropped from 12% to 8%. Import duty rates for industrial raw materials or finished products such as textile raw materials and household air purifiers have also been reduced.:
Imported Chinese sponge foam plastic mats customs clearance agency services
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Imported Chinese sponge foam plastic mats customs clearance agency services